Meet A house new House Director Jenny

November 25th 2020

We are excited to announce that Jenny Björk will start as our new House Director at A house at the beginning of 2021. She will be replacing A house CEO, Tua Asplund, going on maternity leave in early March 2021.

Jenny will be overall responsible for operations at A house, making sure that A house continues to develop as a refined machine for creative development in the coming year and care for our much loved community.

“we look forward to welcoming such a natural force”

Tua Asplund

Jenny has a background within hospitality holding several positions as the hotel manager of boutique hotels as well as being the general manager at Helio/ GT30 for several years, to mention just a few.

“After a challenging year for all of us, we look forward to welcoming such a natural force as Jenny, full of curiosity and energy”, says Tua Asplund.