A house kitchen

december 11th 2017

A kitchen – where human needs, creative thinking and tech meets to generate tasty experiences and sustainable business.

Why does A house need A kitchen?
Within our niches – food, fashion and media- there is great potential for creative, technological and economic development. For these major Swedish industries, with a high export value, we have the ambition to create a meeting place here at A house. As food is one of our niches it felt natural to have a kichen lab. Food is the world’s largest economy, the food industry’s large-scale structures are challenged by local production and demand for organic production methods. That is exciting to explore further and A house platform for food provides good conditions for that.

For what occasions can one book the kitchen lab?
Use as foodlab or for Cooking classes, Tastings, testing new menus, in house events, external events and as a meeting space for our incubators within food. A house members Jonas Malmborg and Anders Strand will be using the kitchen for cooking and at the same time recording their Italien food podcast Il Podino. Anders will be hosting his first cooking class on January 23rd.

Pictures and equipment specification available soon!

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