A house reshapes the context of modern work-life and collective experiences. Each destination is treated as a prototype for a collaborative environment. In a state of constant transformation, these destinations are carefully created and curated to meet the needs of a specific niche and energize the local area.

A workplace

The very idea of a workplace has shifted. From static to dynamic, from a desk to a meeting place. A house provides a cultural den for creative companies and freelancers. With tailored solutions to suit your needs.


Art openings, training classes, tastings, yard sales, film and house parties. At A house we believe in the power of collaboration and community and work hard to give that platform to our members.

Event spaces

A house offers a number of flexible spaces with amenities to fit your every need. Rent the facilities as they are or let us co-create arrangements and events of any size or shape.

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the context of modern work life and collective experiences. The dynamic fusion of large and small scale offices, and multifaceted event spaces, generates an atmosphere of constant change as people come together to meet and learn from each other.

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