Lunch with Spoons

november 6th 2018

Menu May 14: Moroccan stew
Served with bulgur, lemon yogurt & bread

How: Buy a lunch ticket at the front desk, pick up your lunch in A kitchen from 11.30. Welcome!

About A house member Spoons 

SPOONS was founded 2011 by Henric Gervais with the vision of being able to offer tasty and nutritious ready meals. Our soups, stews and super pots are hand made and cooked on fresh ingredients without additives, just like in your own kitchen. Many of our soups and stews contain some type of legume. Legume is protein- and fiber rich, provides long saturation and is a climate-savory protein source. Our dishes meet the increased demand for more vegan and vegetarian options, they are also gluten and lactose free! All our dishes are locally produced in our kitchen in Malmö. We love to eat our soup and stew in a bowl with a spoon.

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