Meet food members Get Raw

november 10th 2017

Hi Carolina and Philip, what is it that you do?
C: We make junk-free bars that say NO NO to empty calories, bland flavours and fad diets. And YES YES to real ingredients and mouthwatering taste!
P: Snacks for conscious rockstars!

How did life take you in this direction?
C: A Raw Chocolate Cake in Costa Rica made me realize that I wanted to go home and ”clean up” the candy shelves!
P: Born one year after a stubborn sister with her own perception of reality can be interesting, who wants to miss out?

What is your biggest challenge as a food company looking at the future?
To build a strong brand that will remain for future generations.
P: To make snacking sexy again. It’s cool to grab a bar but grab the good guy.

How do you find work life balance these days?
C: By doing what I love, daily meditation, and work/play balance!
P: Since I love every single part of what I do it is just life ;)

Any tips for being productive all day besides eating Get Raw bars?
C: Hehe! Get your beauty sleep, sip water all day long, and enjoy coffee!
P: Always wear earphones. It will lessen the number of times you get disturbed.

What is it like working with your sibling?
C: It’s luxury to hang out with my brother so much in this age!
P: You know you will never regret spending too little time together.

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