Meet Chili Bendt

september 29th 2017

PR & Community Manager at A house – Talk with me about anything! I will help you with member issues, bookings, accesses, PR-stuff, music, fashion, member blind dates, gossip, A house news ect ect.

Favorite place at A house – A Coustic. The architecture school’s acoustic lab, a square room entirely in concrete. How sound affects us and our daily lives was part of school education and a tool for developing knowledge about the future of housing and society. As a music nerd I would like to experiment with the room that has a 6.7 sec delay.

Love about A house – I love the creativity that flows in this brutalistic building and all our friendly members.

My perfect Stockholm sweet spots – I love to take our 1970’s wood boat for a ride through beautiful Långholmen and Djurgården during the summer. Seeing Stockholm from the sea is something extra and romantic. Then get of at Nybrokajen and have a glass of something bubbly at my absolute favorite bar and second home, Lilla baren at Riche. Enjoy great music from the best of the best alternative DJs. Then Eat dinner at newly opened restaurant Matateljén in Gamla Enskede.

My perfect, on the globe, spot – Italy! Me and my husband visit Rome every summer. We always live in Trastevere and eat amazing food at Enzo. The line is 50m long but it is worth it. After a couple of days in Rome you take a train to new town you haven’t explored yet.

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