Meet A house member Amanda Andersson

februari 21st 2019

Hi Amanda, what is it that you do?

– I am Douchebags Content Manager, which means that I’m the ones responsible to ensure that we always have awesome content for all our channels.

What were your ambitions growing up?

– I’m still growing up, so my ambitions are, and have always been; make every day a great day, even though some days are way more work than leisure, you can always turn it into a great day!

What was your first encounter with your passion for bags?

– I don’t have a passion for bags. I’ve always been one of those girls who has never been able to keep track of any bag, always kept everything in my pockets and couldn’t care less about purses. Instead, my passion lies in being able to create magic material regardless of company. But I’m totally in love with Douchebags and its rebellious attitude.

Are there any particular tools that you need to start your working day?

– 8 hours in bed and three cups of coffee before leaving the house.

What can people ask you that you just love to talk about?

– My two homes, one in Stockholm and one on Gotland.

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