Exhibition: SAK

november 26th 2019

Merry Arty Christmas!

SAK, the Swedish Association of Art, invites you to a first-hand chance to see new works by artist Haidar Mahdi as well as other art goodies from the past!

Welcome for drinks and the best art gift shopping: special editions, artist books and memberships in the historic art community of SAK (with the chance to win works by Sweden’s prominent art elite in 2020)

Bring your friends and family! Rsvp by 2 December at osa@konstforeningen.se

”Gyttret” by Haidar Mahdi, due to be released for purchase on 10 Dec, will be on view for this night only. Artist Eric Magassa´s series ”Color Me Blind” is presented in the lobby 2-13 Dec.

SAK (Sveriges Allmänna Konstförening) is a non-profit art association supporting the Swedish contemporary art scene. SAK Edition is a limited series exclusively produced for SAK by emerging artists as well as their established colleagues. More info at http://www.konstforeningen.se/

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