Exhibition: Pia Simensen

september 13th 2016

At #ahousestockholm fri sep 16:
A house and ACNE are pleased to release the first Brutalist Friday. 17-21 opening exhibition with Pia Simensen.
Beer offered by Asahi. Sign up by attending this event.

Pia Simensen
”Jag är allt”

”Everything I am, nothing is me, the baby in me, the child around me, in my temple, my prison, the woman in me, the woman around me. Nothing means everything. Everything means nothing. I adorn death and death adorns me. ”
Simensen touches the subject of her experience as an artist after she becomes a parent. Her motifs automatically become that which is close to her – inanimate objects, self-reflection and her children. Her home becomes her temple and her prison. In her creative journey she explores motherhood, the feeling of entrapment and an alarmingly low-key, post-decadence lifestyle. Leaving behind an excessive and romantic past, to take on the experience of caring for a life and creating, within her walls, a new world in which she is assigned all the roles. She is the safety and she is the danger, she is the mother, the man and the animal. She is everything.

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