Creating the ultimate event

maj 16th 2018

At A house, we’ve seen a lot of event creativity the past year. These event makers never cease to amaze us with their ideas and guest experience way of  thinking. How do you create the perfect event and what do your attendees crave? What drives them to attend your event?

Here’s some thoughts from our Event Manager Sigfrid Billgren, listing the most important components to create the ultimate event and some of the most contemporary trends:

Transdisciplinary – Companys arranging collaborative events way beyond their own field, finding new perspective of their brand and way of thinking.

Co-creation – involve the attendees in a creative and collaborative process. Make your guests help you come up with ideas about the future of your company.

The solo trend – Going outside your safe zone attending events by yourself is much more challenging then attending with your crew. The experience will be completely different. The brave are craving a real social challenge.

The unique experience – Don’t forget the checklist of the 5 basic human senses:

Sight –
What will your event attendants see? Something they have never seen before is preferable to really attract this sense.
Hearing – The perfect sound. Enjoying music and at the same being able to mingel is not always obvious. The acoustic is very important in terms of pleasant mingling. Trust us on this one, we can provide you with really good options if your budget for acoustics allows it.
Taste – People are getting picky, they have tasted everything. You need to be innovative both taste-wise and visually.
Smell – Make sure there is at least not a funky smell in your venue. If your are going premium, set up a scent-concept.
Touch – Make sure it is not too cold or too hot. This is essential as being at good temperature is such a basic human need. If it’s not perfect it’s all your attendees will think of no matter how many extraordinarily experiences you have set up.





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