Exhibition: SAK

Merry Arty Christmas!

SAK, the Swedish Association of Art, invites you to a first-hand chance to see new works by artist Haidar Mahdi as well as other art goodies from the past!

Welcome for drinks and the best art gift shopping: special editions, artist books and memberships in the historic art community of SAK (with the chance to win works by Sweden’s prominent art elite in 2020)

Bring your friends and family! Rsvp by 2 December at osa@konstforeningen.se

“Gyttret” by Haidar Mahdi, due to be released for purchase on 10 Dec, will be on view for this night only. Artist Eric Magassa´s series “Color Me Blind” is presented in the lobby 2-13 Dec.

SAK (Sveriges Allmänna Konstförening) is a non-profit art association supporting the Swedish contemporary art scene. SAK Edition is a limited series exclusively produced for SAK by emerging artists as well as their established colleagues. More info at http://www.konstforeningen.se/

Exhibition opening: Patrick Nilsson

It’s time for a new artist to exhibit at A house and with that comes, of course, an exhibition opening mingle.

Patrick Nilsson’s drawings and imagery communicates directly. Although the images sometimes have conflicting perspectives, we are immediately drawn into a tale that puts our mind in motion. There is something playful in these drawings, which like comic strips is easy to unravel. But what the story tells is rarely anything but playful. With precision and an underlying sense of humor the artist often portrays male figures in their vulnerability to both their own and others’ darker sides. It is as if the artist is examining how different forms of violent roles can take shape and emerge at the surface of a sheet of paper, as architecture or as nature.

An exhibition in collaboration with Galleri Flach.

Want to join us this evening? RSVP HERE

Exhibition: Målar du nåt fult så målar jag över

The artist-couple Jacqueline Östlind and Thomas OKOK Gunnarsson have been painting together since the fall of 2018. They work with ink, crayons and markers on paper and they paint on canvas with acrylics, spray and tape. Both abstract and figurative.

When their two separate styles meet, new visual landscapes are discovered. The painting process, usually a lonely work, is replaced with a shared journey. One of them might work on something for hours, that in the breath of a second is overpainted by the other. It’s an inspiring work, but also demanding. They both have to put their egos aside, let go and trust each other and believe in the final result. The magic is hidden in their joint venture.

April 4, 2019, the couple had their first exhibition at Restaurant and bar Ling Long. This time it’s here at A house. The exhibition partly consists of pieces dragged around India during their recent two-month stay there, partly of works made soon after their home-arrival and partly of works that are made here at A house just before the exhibition opening.

Except for being an artist, Jacqueline also works as a tattoo artist and have been exhibited work at Liljevalchs Vårsalong, Asplunds, Waterfront, Nockeby Bageri and in her own art studio: Stateljén, Bromma.

Thomas is also a music artist, going by the name “Swedens Most Handsome Rapper”. He released his debut album “Tommy” fall of 2018. Prior to exhibiting his art with Jacqueline, he has exhibited his work in Paris, New York, Lublin, Osaka, Kyoto and Stockholm.

Follow them on Instagram; @styrofoam_gallery and @ArtByOKOK.

The exhibition runs in A lobby until the end of May.

Exhibition opening: Jan Svenungsson

Welcome to the opening of Jan Svenungsson’s exhibition at A house

In his work, which takes its departure in surrealism, Svenungsson has been using a wide variety of media while focusing his imagery on a few recurring image types such as chimneys, maps, and bloodstains. In recent work, these thematic restrictions have been broken down. In the series ”Paintings”, begun in 2010 and featured in this exhibition, no master narrative is present. Each image stands alone.

An exhibition in collaboration with Galleri Flach. www.galleriflach.com

RSVP at https://jansvenungsson.app.rsvpify.com/

AW & Vernissage: Jacob Dahlgren

Exhibition of the world-renowned artist Jacob Dahlgren’s prints Constructing a New World in the A house lobby, in the presence of the artist. Runs through November. The exhibition is a collaboration between A house member Articulate Press and ed. art.

RSVP here pls >

“Osynliga Teatern” at A house

Thank you Osynliga teatern for using our space in the most thoughtful and beautiful way possible. Seeing, or being, your show Slutet was something special one will remember until the bitter end.

Photos by Rossi Milja

Read SvDs thoughts right here >

Protest Paintings in A lobby until 31/12

Statement by Harry Woodrow

I have an unwavering curiosity and sense of wonder about the world, but I’m often left disappointed, frustrated and perplexed by the lack of imagination shown in how my fellow humans express themselves, both to themselves and to others. These responses trigger my attempts to use visual joy and a serious playfulness to do two things: firstly to remind people that there are more ways of seeing and doing things than those which are presented as normal and approved; and secondly to combat my own cynicism and keep me sane in an ever more homogeneously tasteful world.

The built environment, post-digital human behaviour, language and letterforms, spontaneously captured visual coincidences and the tropes and clichés of fashion, media and the art world have all been explored within this admittedly rather loose remit. My work is led by observation and critique, through which unexpected meanings, uncomfortable questions, absurdities and often (and importantly) humour are revealed. The methods and materials are unfixed and led by the idea — my investigations so far have manifested themselves as paintings, photographs, short films, sculptures, assemblages, and machines.


Foto: Viktor Wrange

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