Protest Paintings in A lobby until 31/12

oktober 6th 2017

Statement by Harry Woodrow

I have an unwavering curiosity and sense of wonder about the world, but I’m often left disappointed, frustrated and perplexed by the lack of imagination shown in how my fellow humans express themselves, both to themselves and to others. These responses trigger my attempts to use visual joy and a serious playfulness to do two things: firstly to remind people that there are more ways of seeing and doing things than those which are presented as normal and approved; and secondly to combat my own cynicism and keep me sane in an ever more homogeneously tasteful world.

The built environment, post-digital human behaviour, language and letterforms, spontaneously captured visual coincidences and the tropes and clichés of fashion, media and the art world have all been explored within this admittedly rather loose remit. My work is led by observation and critique, through which unexpected meanings, uncomfortable questions, absurdities and often (and importantly) humour are revealed. The methods and materials are unfixed and led by the idea — my investigations so far have manifested themselves as paintings, photographs, short films, sculptures, assemblages, and machines.

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