A conversation with Stina Hedberg

An easygoing one-on-one with members at A house Ark

mars 20th 2023

The Lu family moved to Sweden from China in 1988, which also became the starting point for Yipin – a family-operated company that’s our constant brand of choice for tofu. Based on a family recipe, Yipin’s products are locally produced out of a factory in Vallentuna – while they keep a shared office here at A house Ark as Studio members. Yipin is mainly run by Joceline Lu, daughter of the founders, but who is currently on maternity leave and passed on our questions to Stina Hedberg, Communications Manager.

Tell us about your journey with Yipin! What is it like to work with a family business?

I started to work at Yipin three years ago thanks to my interest in plant-based foods. It’s been a fun and fast-paced ride where every day is different. I work closely with our co-founder and daughter of the family, Joceline. Yipin is her passion project, so our team is always surrounded by a lot of enthusiasm and drive. That enthusiasm definitely spilled over on me – the brand really became my own little baby that I just want to see grow.

As you’re managing Yipin’s social media, where do you find your inspiration for all that content of yours?

TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest are magical for creative content- and recipe ideas.

What is the best and worst thing about your job?

Best: the consumers! They love our brand and we have a wonderful connection with them that brings me loads of energy. Worst? Looking at food eight hours a day leaves you feeling hungry all the time…

Tofu is a controversial topic for some foodies. What is your relationship with tofu?

It’s a never-ending love story. I get the controversy, however. A few years back I had no idea what to do with that white block, but once you figure it out and find inspiration, you’re bound for life. It’s so versatile and you can literally do anything with it. Plus it’s climate-friendly, healthy and packed with protein.

What is your best tofu recipe?

I make a delicious Asian-inspired taco with mango salsa and crispy panko fried tofu. My chocolate mousse with silken tofu is also a killer. 

What are the advantages of being an A house member for you personally?

I love A lobby! I find the ambience very inspiring, it’s easy to connect with new people and the coffee is really good.

Which one of the A house principles speaks to you the most and why?

“Creation requires recreation.” Stimuli follow us everywhere we go; our minds never rest. To perform our best at work I believe it’s important to take a break from all screens every now and then, to prioritize recovery and invite playfulness. Taking a few deep breaths or having a five minute laugh-break with colleagues can make a big difference for my creativity!

Learn more about Yipin on their website and Instagram.

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