Viktor Wrange on the future of work

november 9th 2017

Viktor is one of our most dedicated members. Next week he is teaming up with another co-worker and arranging an A house After Work, He has also become our own in-house photographer and tech-wiz. Everybody wants a piece of Viktor. We think it’s got to do with him being so generous with his time and knowledge. He even brings value to our work club just by bringing his dog Charlie, who has become the work club’s own sweetheart.

What are the values of being part of a co-working space?
For me it’s the energy. The creative office vibe that comes with working alongside such epic people.

Why do you think co-working is growing?
We are living in a small company and startup era. People are coming up with business ideas and they´re going all-in, and it’s more fun being all-in together.

Why A house for you?
I first came in contact with A-house through word-of-mouth. I was recommend to join the ”up-and-coming creative space that is going to be the next big thing.” I joined the building in its starting pits and that was also what intrigued me, I like the beginning of new ideas and projects. That might be a reason why a lot of my clients are startups.

You do a lot more than just photographing, right?
Throughout my career I have refused to settle down in one labeled box. I began as a photographer and continuously I have developed new passions and skills. Today I work with photography, graphic design, web design, brand identity, lecturing, video, UX and the list is growing.

What do you think of the future of work? Is the 9 to 5 concept outdated?
I believe in freedom under responsibility. Routines and stability are key ingredients to a healthy life, but so are spontaneity and individuality. People should be able to work under their own circumstances. If the job get’s done you might as well work from the moon, how cool wouldn’t that be?

Why is everyone so fond of your dog Charlie?
Many of us in the building have to deal with deadlines and pre-pitch nerves. Then Charlie comes along, happily waging his fluffy tail and embraces you with his ”chill-out, you are doing great” aura. I think we all need a bit of that sometimes.

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