Tzocolate Tasting Club

A lobby

September 16 2021
16.00 - 17.00

A Journey to Philippine Chocolates — curated by Tzocolaté Tasting Club

Is there a difference between fine flavor chocolates and mass-produced ones? What makes our chocolate sustainable and ethical? And what do ingredients unique to the Philippines like pili nuts, calamansi citrus or barako coffee taste like when combined with high quality award-winning chocolate? Sit down for a proper chocolate tasting with Tzocolaté Tasting Club to find out.


16/9 Introduction to all Tzocolaté bars 

30/9 – Fine flavor tasting. We’ll try Tzocolaté single-estate chocolates, premium chocolates and grocery bought chocolates. Can you taste the difference?

14/10 – Tzocolaté bars with fruits and nuts vs grocery bought chocolates

28/10 – Launch of new products

Learn more about the products here.

Free event. First come, first served with a capacity of 8 people.

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