Tuesday lunch with Soyokafe

mars 21st 2019

Lunch menu 18/6 – Noodle soup

The soup will be a slightly spicy miso broth with handmade wheat noodles and Swedish pork shoulder, egg, scallions and dried seaweed on top. 

The vegetarian version will be with everything except for pork and instead, we put in portabello mushrooms. 

Allergies: Noodles are glutenous, stock contains soybean, wheat, egg, chili.

Batjargal Ochirbat opened his own restaurant Soyokaze in October 2016. They got nominated and won Dagens Nyheter’s Gulddraken in category Lyxkrog Feb 2018. Later in October 2018, they opened their second place, Soyokafe. It is family-friendly, affordable everyday sushi and they also serve Japanese bakeries. This year both of their restaurants got nominated in Dagens Nyheter. Soyokafe in Budget and Soyokaze in Lyxkrog once again. Batjargal Ochirbat is the owner and the chef of these places and he runs the restaurants with his family.

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