Tuesday lunch with Palestinian chef Walaa

oktober 8th 2018

Buy a lunch ticket at the front desk, pick up your lunch in A kitchen from 11.30. Price: 125:- Welcome!

About Walaa

Walaa is from Palestine, holding a bachelor Degree in business administration with a major in accounting from Bethlehem university in Palestine. She has 5 years of experience working back in her country, her stand out experience was working in her own company for catering services which was something she really loved doing.

Walaa moved to Sweden three and a half years ago and she needed to wait 3 months until she can get the chance to go to the Swedish-language school. It was a hard challenging for an active person like her to stay home without anything to do. So, as a hobby, she started creating new recipes mixing between the European style and the Palestinian’s flavors. Then she started her own youtube channel Sweet O Salti for recipes in arabic. Now she has her own catering company. She organizes home parties and events. Also, she is a home-chef with Gastronaut focusing on bringing middle eastern flavors (specially Palestinians finger foods) to the tables of Swedish and non-Swedish people.

Check out the food on Instagram: @sweetosalti
Youtube Channel : www.youtube.com/sweetosalti
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