The future of A house

december 13th 2017

Tua Asplund Hyllienmark – COO / Partner – what is A house in one sentence?
A house is a contemporary meeting space for creatives within fashion, food and media.

Your all time high subject? 
Talk to me about A house development and the overall experience.

Love about A house
Watching the community grow and thrive. The melting-pot feeling: People with different backgrounds and perspectives are often the key to create great things. My passion lies in the intersection of business, creativity and placemaking and A house is the perfect platform for that.

You are now doubling up the space, are there any more spaces that are not yet opened?
Yet to be opened is our brand new event space – the A house hall- a 1000m2 spacious room with the purpose to contribute to Stockholm’s range of event locations and vibrant music scene. It will be the perfect alternative for events, meetings, parties, photoshoots, fairs, concerts or any other brutal happening. Secondly there is the ground floor, developed to be the home for a brewery and for music studios, it is the same floor as MR Cake that opened up in September this year. The event space and the ground floor will be completed by Q3 2019.

The building has been dubbed Stockholm’s ugliest building several times, do you agree to that statement?
The building is a brutalist icon that used to be the School of Architecture in Stockholm. It occupies an entire block, in the posh area of Östermalm. It is an alien in its urban context. I like places that provoke a feeling, weather it is positive or negative. Brutalism has been brutally criticized and our building is no exception. It’s down-to-earth, honest, may be perceived as unwelcoming or even intimidating but it definitely has its own impressive visual power. Within its somewhat stiff frames anything can happen.

Favorite place at A house
A house acoustic, this brutalistic no-one-can-hear-you-scream bunker in the cellar, used for occasional art exhibitions and a wow factor at any given party.

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