A house CEO Tua Asplund

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?
To me it is a celebration of equal rights! Boys and girls should enjoy the same rights and opportunities in life; we need to celebrate and highlight girls especially on international women’s day until they do.

Which female A house member do you want to highlight extra today?
I want to highlight Carolina von Rosen, the founding partner of Get raw – a company conquering the junk-free snacks market. She is not only gaining market share in Sweden, but is also totally dominating sales at A house – her bars are among our highest selling  products.

Who is your female role model?
The female business leaders in my circle of friends; they inspire me in leadership, relationships and in how they take responsibility for the planet.

What do you think has improved for women and what do we have left to work on to make the world equal?
We need to continue highlighting diverse and female role models in leadership  positions. If young girls see the possibilities available to them, the more likely they will consider taking on the responsibility of leading. Ultimately, more industries would increase the balance and diversity in positions of leadership.

Which woman inspires you?
At the moment I am very impressed by AOC – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – who is a US politician, activist and a strong voice in the forthcoming US elections. She is viewed as  a far left progressive; her political agenda seems to present a Scandinavian type of welfare model. AOC was born in 1989 and her faithful followers admire her passion for supporting the ‘millennial generation’ and for giving a strong voice to  minorities. I look forward to following her through the November election period.

How do you contribute to an equal workplace?
We maintain a 50/50 male/female A house and management team, along with a 70/30 male/female ratio on the A house board. We are also working towards creating a healthy balance amongst our members. I think our mindset carries the greatest importance – that we see gender equality as something obvious. A house’s goal is to create an ecosystem based on diversity, inclusion, gender equality and sustainability. Our environment should nurture a climate that is permissive, transparent and inspiring; one that provides energy and a feeling that anything is possible. It is a workplace for many – where everyone has equal rights and equal value.

Interview with Clit Co. founder Amanda Netscher

This week Amanda Netscher, founder and CEO of jewelry brand Clit Co. and a frequent booked gender equality lecturer, is having a talk at A house in conjunction with a yoga event and we decided to ask her some questions about sexual equality and her jewelry brand.

How did you come up with the idea about Clit Co.?
I give lectures in sexual reproductive health and rights and I once had a full-sized clitoris with me, about 7-11 cm. I asked the crowd if they knew what it was? But everyone said no, or thought it was a hook or something silly. I hanged the clit in my necklace and my partner Adam told me that you could make a smaller clit in 3D print. So, I sold the old jewelry in gold I had at home and took the money to print a small golden clit for my own birthday. People asked me where I got it from and I could really tell that the moment was here to give the clit some well-deserved space. For too long the clit has been put in the shadow and even women in Sweden don’t even know the reason of existence or the shape and the look of it. This is insane! And think about all the women and girls who are or is about to be genitally mutilated. That made me sooooo angry, so I started Clit Co. With two of my childhood friends, Janet and Emelie, the best thing ever!

What made you so strongly interested in the questions about women’s sexuality and sexual equality?
I wanted to be an astronaut as a child. But since life on earth seemed to so hard for humans I decided to stay on the ground to investigate the matter of social development in Sweden. In high school, I took some classes in Criminology and Human Rights. That really inspired me to go further and led me to become a sociologist. I then met a transgender man – who I fell in love with. I wanted to become a researcher in the field of trans medicine. After that, I got a job at a clinic working with sexual health, deviances – for example; problems with lust, pedophilia and sexual addiction. That’s where my interest in sexology started. Girls and women do not have the same rights and access to their body and sexuality as men do today, and it is a very important issue to address.

In which way do you think a Clit Co. jewelry helps to increase sexual equality?
We must be more open about gender norms, sexuality and what causes distress for humankind. Knowledge about sexuality, health and body rights is missing in today’s society – especially when it comes to children’s education. We must stop focusing only on the reproductive part and talk more about how to be a person and be persons together, sexually and not sexually. At the same time, I also wanted this topic to be distilled into something tangible and beautiful, something one can wear to show pride. That’s why Clit Co. exists. To address, point out and show the way of a change that everyone can be a part of. Equality is about finding ways together for a better future and society. And at the same time, I wanted something beautiful to were. And The Clit is soooo beautiful in its form and shape.

Clit Co. Founder Amanda N and her jewelry

Brief us about your upcoming talk – what subjects can we expect?
It will be about Sexual and reproductive health and rights in different forms. You will get to know me – my background and of course a lot about the Clit. The talk will be with warmth, lust and with compassion for sex. Together we can make a difference – I will inspire you with my clit revolution expertise and I really looking forward to it! Hope to see you there!

Amanda’s upcoming talk is a part of an event with Yoga/Cava which also involve yoga, cava and dinner from Adam & Albin. For more information and to get a ticket – email yogacava@gmail.com.

Make it last loppmarknad – tack till alla som ställde upp

Kön ringlade sig långt ner på Karlavägen i söndags. Det kändes fantastiskt att kunna låna ut vår eventyta, A verkstad till detta mäktiga event – make it last. Mängder av fashionistor ville fynda mode till förmån för Kvinnocenter i Tensta-Hjulsta. Kvinnocenter var även på plats och försåg oss med söta och salta bakverk.

Make it last flea market was a hell of an event this Sunday. As you can see, all these people wanted fashion for a good cause! The women from Kvinnocenter Tensta- Hjulsta were so happy, and so were we. Thank you to Make it last for a great sustainable fashion event!

Check out Kvinnocenter>

See all the pictures from the event here >

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