A house CEO Tua Asplund

On the women on her mind

mars 8th 2020

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?
To me it is a celebration of equal rights! Boys and girls should enjoy the same rights and opportunities in life; we need to celebrate and highlight girls especially on international women’s day until they do.

Which female A house member do you want to highlight extra today?
I want to highlight Carolina von Rosen, the founding partner of Get raw – a company conquering the junk-free snacks market. She is not only gaining market share in Sweden, but is also totally dominating sales at A house – her bars are among our highest selling  products.

Who is your female role model?
The female business leaders in my circle of friends; they inspire me in leadership, relationships and in how they take responsibility for the planet.

What do you think has improved for women and what do we have left to work on to make the world equal?
We need to continue highlighting diverse and female role models in leadership  positions. If young girls see the possibilities available to them, the more likely they will consider taking on the responsibility of leading. Ultimately, more industries would increase the balance and diversity in positions of leadership.

Which woman inspires you?
At the moment I am very impressed by AOC – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – who is a US politician, activist and a strong voice in the forthcoming US elections. She is viewed as  a far left progressive; her political agenda seems to present a Scandinavian type of welfare model. AOC was born in 1989 and her faithful followers admire her passion for supporting the ‘millennial generation’ and for giving a strong voice to  minorities. I look forward to following her through the November election period.

How do you contribute to an equal workplace?
We maintain a 50/50 male/female A house and management team, along with a 70/30 male/female ratio on the A house board. We are also working towards creating a healthy balance amongst our members. I think our mindset carries the greatest importance – that we see gender equality as something obvious. A house’s goal is to create an ecosystem based on diversity, inclusion, gender equality and sustainability. Our environment should nurture a climate that is permissive, transparent and inspiring; one that provides energy and a feeling that anything is possible. It is a workplace for many – where everyone has equal rights and equal value.

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