Lizette Lizette music video – A verkstad

Lizette Lizette was recording the music video “Non” in A verkstad and in A house elevators.

Jireel music video

The music video for Swedish artist Jireel’s new track “Alla mina” was recorded in A verkstad.

Sub rosa roller disco – A verkstad

Sub rosa had their glittery Roller Disco in A verkstad.

Photo: Fabian Wester

Naive Society Party – A verkstad

Naive Society was celebrating their 10 years anniversary in A verkstad.

Sneakersnstuff NO WORK party – A verkstad

Sneakersnstuff NO WORK party with the Cozy Boys, Benji B & Manaré in A verkstad.

Pics: Herman Caroan

Benjamin Ingrosso release – A verkstad

Benjamin Ingrosso “Identification” release party!

Pics: Fabian Wester

Pics from Änglamarkspriset – A verkstad

Pictures from Änglamarkspriset hosted in A house verkstad 10/10.

Pics: Frida Möller / Emma Svensson studio

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