400m2 studio now available at A house

februari 18th 2018

A house members all have a thing for brutalism and the community way of seeking innovation. We are a one of a kind mix of larger companies, smaller teams and solopreneurs. Are you into food, fashion or media?

The membership includes:

Being a part of A house community

Visitor front desk open Mon-Fri 08-17

WiFi / User friendly technology

Free meditation and yoga every week

Community Manager there for you 08-17

Breakfast for members every Thursday included

Sthlm Roast Coffee and tea always included you and your visitors

Bring your meetings to A house. The lobby is prefect for casual meetings that does not require a screen

Entrance to events, exhibitions, seminars and community breakfasts hosted by A house and partners

Meeting room hours (quantity depending on your membership)

Snacks, beverages and lunch bowls available at the front desk 8-17

Event space discount

Meeting room credit included per month (amount depending on the size of your space)

Possibilities to rent A house furniture

Mail service and printing

24/7 access

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