Reflecting on a principle – with Andreas Andersson


augusti 15th 2023

Andreas Andersson, Accounting Manager at Ark and Filmhuset, on which one of the A house guiding principles he is particularly dedicated to.

– This principle resonates with me as an essential reminder of never stopping to develop. The world and everything around us is in constant change, meaning that new opportunities and challenges keep arising. It is important and above all interesting to look at things from different perspectives to see possibilities for optimization in order to get the most out of our energy, regardless of whether we are talking about a method, a way of working, or a product. 

Being part of A house and all the knowledge the community possesses is very motivating and inspiring and makes everyday life much more exciting!

*At A house, we use seven guiding principles to ensure that we are guided in what we’re doing and why. In “Reflecting on a principle”, the A house team and community members get to pick a favorite among the principles to dive into the diversity of interpretations, and ways in which they can guide us. 

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