Rare vacancy; 58m2 studio available!

mars 10th 2021

Our 58m2 studios have long been one of the most attractive ones. Therefore we are particularly enthusiastic to announce this rare vacancy and looking forward to welcoming new midsize team members to the A house community. Great for teams of 8-12 ppl. You can also combine a studio with a bespoke membership, meaning we can tailor your needs. Maybe you have a bigger team, but some of your team members often work remotely or prefers to sit in A lobby or in our quiet area. Then a 58m2 might be the right solution for you!

Our members are part of a creative community with a focus on fashion, food, music and media. We provide a context in which you can be who you are and do what you do.

”A house is carefully curated to take shape as a refined machine for creative development”

The impact of new technologies and the rapid transformation of society has had a large impact on how we work, live, create and make business. It changes our behavior and habits. Venues that are a combination of workplaces and event spaces for new experiences are becoming increasingly important. A house is carefully curated to take shape as a “refined machine for creative development”. We provide a deliberately organized space and a community with more than 500 members.

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