NEST – Live Podcast

Can AI and tech create solutions for sustainable shopping?

A lobby

January 25 2023
11.30 - 12.30

AI and tech opens up lots of possibilities, but how can we use the new technology in the best possible way? On January 25, NEST will be doing a live podcast from A lobby at A house Ark. The panel includes Vendela Ragnarsson, CEO at ReRobe and vice chairman at Swedish Fashion Association; Daniel Mattebo, founder of Turnr; Sebastian Schardl, CMO at HUBSO and Simon Edström, founder of Serculate. The talk will be moderated by Simon Hjelte, representative from NEST and Borås INK.

The talk starts at 11.30. Members are welcome to grab a chair and listen in.

NEST is an initiative to create a sustainable textile industry, co-founded by A house Ark members Sting.

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