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September 1st 2017

Community breakfast means that we gather, welcome new members and inspire each other over breakfast.

This Thursday morning there is loads of food on the agenda. You will have the latest A house updates and we finally get to meet our MR Cake bakers Mattias and Roy. On top of that, member Jonas Malmborg and his podcast pal Anders Strand are having a talk about their italian food podcast Il Podino. Warm welcome, no sign up needed.

Jonas om Anders:

"Han är väldigt duktig på att laga mat, det får jag ge honom.
Men när det kommer till tankeverksamhet och associationsförmåga
slår jag honom på fingrarna. Med en förskärare."


08.30 Breakfast
08.45 A house news / Welcome MR Cake
09.10 Jonas Malmborg and Anders Strand
09.30 Finito, at the latest