Meet A house member Per Spångberg

mars 5th 2019

Hi Per, what is it that you do?
I’m the Founder & CEO of Levels Group, that I run together with my partners and our fantastic team of about 30 people (and growing). We develop digital products and services for our clients and partners, where some of them are large corporates, mostly within media, entertainment and financial services, but we also work with digitally based ventures and help them to scale their business to the next level.

Why is A house the place for you and your team?
I have visited a number of entrepreneurial hubs and co-working spaces, in Sweden as well as internationally, but there are only a few where you actually feel that the entrepreneurial spirit and energy is the driving force and the centre of attention. Many of these places are really just another temporary or serviced office in disguise. But here, you can really feel that entrepreneurship and innovation is at the core and always present, much thanks to the great work done by you guys, in the A House team.

What were your ambitions, growing up?
Outside the ambition of getting a proper education and have fun, all the way since my early teens, I’ve always wanted to be part of teams or groups, that do something of any kind of importance to me and others, beyond earning another krona or dollar on the margin.

Are there any particular tools that you need to start your working day?
I guess my day starts the same way as for a lot of other people – by checking my phone for news, work updates and communication, so yes my iPhone is a particular tool in my life.

If you hadn’t become what you are today, what else would you have done?

Most likely, I would have ended up as an entrepreneur in another area, but otherwise, I’ve always liked challenges within strategic thinking, negotiations and diplomacy, so that’s also a likely option.

Photographer: Anna Schori

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