Meet A house member Michaela Cehlin Magnusson

november 29th 2018

Hi Michaela, what is it that you do?
I work at Little Liffner with a little bit of everything from customer service to social media. We’re a tight team of two which means you get to work with pretty much the entire business which is so much fun.

What can people ask you that you just love to talk about?
Reality shows, the cringier the better!

Who or what has had the biggest influence on you?
My mom <3

Michaela Magnusson

If you hadn’t been working with Little Liffner, what else would you have done?
I have seriously no idea but when I retire (in about 40 years) I want to be a tailor and/or run a doggy daycare.

Why is A house the place for you?
Because of all of the lovely people you get to meet every day.

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