Meet A house member MACACOS

Brazilian Superfruits

juni 13th 2018

A house member Macacos – the trendy concept based on the superfruits that only grow in the Amazon rainforest, in Brazil. Açaí, the most famous of these fruits so far, and Acaí Bowls – which is a great snack / breakfast / light lunch option – has become popular throughout the whole country and is sold in selected cafes, gyms and juice bars.

Thanks to Açaí and the other fruits, the locals in the Amazon have gained a good source of income and are therefore fully committed to not letting the forest be harvested. This leads to, when we enjoy an Açaí Bowl here in Sweden, we are in the chain that helps to preserve the Amazon and, in turn, affect the whole planet!

Health effects:

Açaí is completely sugar free! Not even fructose …
Açaí has 10 times more antioxidants than blueberries!
Açaí contains healthy omegas (omega 3,6 and 9)
Açaí also contains 27 vitamins, minerals and fibers!
Açaí has been the base food in the Amazon since ancient times and now there are hundreds of scientific studies that confirm the health effects.
But above all: açaí is so heavenly gooooood!

Try the Acaí Bowl in the A house lobby.

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