Meet A house member Ludvig Ekelund

januari 15th 2019

Hi Ludvig, what is it that you do?
– Hej! I am the ceo of Super Synbiotics. We produce and market a probiotic food supplement called Synbiotics. Our product helps your gut to function well which makes your immune system stay on top of things.

Are there any particular tools that you need to start your working day?
– Not really. As long as I have a phone and a pen I am all good.

What was your first encounter with your passion for food supplements?
– My passion is rather health than food supplements. For excellent health I recommend moderate exercise, healthy food, mental balance and to indulge oneself. When I had passed my thirties, I realised that I had put too much focus on the latter hence I started to learn about the rest.

What can people ask you that you love to talk about?
– I know all there is to know about a healthy and unhealthy lifestyle. Buy me an ice cream and I´ll tell you all about it.

Break a sweat three times a week – exercise is key to stress reduction
Embrace setbacks – instead of pushing away, embrace shit and do better next time
Do it your way – know your potential, have fun and deliver with pride

Photographer: Anna Schori

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