Meet A house member Airinum

januari 8th 2018

Hi Fredrik and Airinum, what is it that you do?
Airinum is a company that empowers individuals to breathe clean air by offering innovative products that intersects functionality and design, catered to urban citizens all over the world. Our first product is an Urban Air Mask which protects the wearer from air born pollutants.

How did you end up doing this?
It all started in India. One of our founders lived and studied in Ahmedabad and realized that he got his childhood asthma back by just breathing the air there. A few months later we found the company and started to develop our first product, the Urban Air Mask.

Why A house?
An inspiring place with people working on interesting stuff. On top of that, a fantastic venue with a great location. In essence, just what you need to build a great company culture from!

Is the air in Stockholm fresh?
Oh yes! It can always become better but we’re by far one of the best capital cities to breathe in. Check-out whatever city you like here to get a good yearly average of what the air is like.

Why should A house members get a mask?
Who does not want a mask…

Who is your typical customer?
Health and fashion conscious people living in urban cities with poor air quality around the globe.

Who is your idol?
If we’re talking about companies here that we’re looking up to I guess it would be something like a mix-mash between Off-White, Apple and Patagonia.

Any tips for better worklife balance?
Grab a beer. Then, take another one and put your favorite song on. Now, you’re ready for another set of hours…

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