Doubling up the fun

december 15th 2017

It’s been 2 years (and what years!) since we opened up the doors to A house. Today, we have 250 active members, aprox 30 companies and loads of inspiration, innovation and friendship. Now it’s time for the next step as we are doubling up the space, welcoming twice as many members and companies and, consequently, expect it to be twice as fun.

We are still the same – a phenomenon in constant transformation
A house is more than a house, more than the ones managing it and definitely not just another office space. We aim to be a melting pot and a catalyst for energized work in the borderland between industry business and academia, focusing on businesses within fashion, food and media. With unique activities and spaces, A house is the meeting place Stockholm has long been missing. A place of constant development, redefining the ways of working, meeting and producing.

Built by collaboration
The future is still to be discovered, but one thing is certain: A house is coloured by its members. We made this place for you and only when you are satisfied, we are. Two years of collaborative activities has resulted in growing businesses, innovative activities and new friendships. Welcoming new fantastic members to join our club, we look forward to what is yet to come.

We welcome our new members:  

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