Diversity Changemaker!

Meet Mona M. Ali - Founder of Fiiri

mars 2nd 2022

HELLO Mona, A house member and founder of Fiiri Agency, Scandinavia’s first 360 inclusive model and diverse talent agency for BIPOC! What’s your mission with Fiiri? 

FIIRI agency’s mission is to remove the stereotypes that BIPOC don’t make money, shouldn’t work in leadership positions, and are not reliable or accounted for by consumers. We create value for brands by creating a diverse and inclusive representation on all levels – in from and behind the camera. 

What are your greatest challenges? 

The challenge has been that brands have not for the longest time not understood the great impact their business would have if they actually worked towards a greater representation. They would reach a whole new demographic of consumers.  

How can A house members learn from the important work that you do? 

Just remember the wider and different your teams are, the more perspective you’ll have and the bigger impact you’ll have on your business. This doesn’t only mean having people from different cultures, but different social backgrounds, different lifestyles, simply different everything. The more different we are the more we will learn from each other. 

”you can’t be what you don’t see”

Is it evident for companies to think of diversity when creating a campaign these days? 

It is super important for companies to think of diversity in campaigns. Representation matter so much because you can’t be what you don’t see. 

What’s the best thing about your job? 

Meeting new people and finding new and inspiring talent. 

How do you find new talents? 

Literally everywhere I go! I once took the wrong bus by accident because I wanted to speak to them. I was so fascinated that I didn’t even realize that I was heading in the wrong direction. But it was worth it.

”We don’t want to be like anyone else”

What’s your main focus this year? 

Growing and uniquely shaping our business, our team, and our talent. We don’t want to be like anyone else. I want to help more young kids in the creative field to start earlier and get a head start. Teach them the things I wish I had learned much sooner,  I think things would have been a little easier then.

Where would you like to see the fashion industry in say, 10 years?!

I’m hoping that we don’t have to keep having these conversations in the future and that it becomes so easy and regular to represent all kinds of people. That we are no longer ticking any boxes. That it won’t be so exclusive anymore.

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