Creative mornings// In conversation with Dr Jason Fox

juni 10th 2016

Conventional approaches to leadership and motivation are broken. They serve productivity, and create a Delusion of Progress. To create meaningful progress, we need to change the way we work. This is already happening, but it’s patchy. Most organisations are cursed with efficiency. We’re so busy, and so we default to quick fixes, convenient solutions and comfortingly familiar ‘plans’ that do little that’s new—and it’s robbing us of our curiosity, creativity and empathy. Left unchecked, this broken model can only lead us to one destination: irrelevance. But ahoy! There’s a different way. This creative mornings session will show you how to carve out meaningful progress amongst the busyness. Dr Jason Fox (bestselling author of The Game Changer and recently: How to Lead a Quest) will unpack the latest insights in motivation strategy and design, giving you insights you can put to work to make clever happen.

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