A housewarming party – thank you!

april 7th 2017

A big day for A house celebrating our new wing in the brutalist icon that used to be the school of architecture. If you see A house from above, you can tell that the house has two wings.

During christmas we moved everything, including the members, to the new wing that has been a construction area during 2016. This wing has it all: raw office spaces, a very brutalist factory we call A verkstad, an auditorium, a lobby with a real front desk and loads of concrete everywhere. So, a housewarming party was mandatory. Thank you to El Perro del Mar performing, Hind Aloul who mad a very special fashion show in collab with Stadsmissionen remake, the food trucks, Austin Davies and his crew from Katarina Ölkafé  and big thank you Splay for the amazing installation in the sound lab!

Welcome to all new studio- and work club members moving in 2017, we hope you will love the concept of A house.

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