A house Discrimination & Harassment Policy

februari 28th 2018

A house goal as a community is to create an eco-system for individuals, enterprises and academies built on diversity, equality and sustainability. This environment shall nourish a climate filled with acceptance, transparency and inspiration which gives energy and creates a feeling that everything is possible. A workplace for all kinds, where each and every one has the same equal rights and share the same values. Where energy, lust and creativity can thrive to benefit the artistic result.

The Swedish work environment authority’s definition of bullying is – actions that are perceived as violating or in any other way undesirable by the person or persons who are subjected to them. The definition also includes the prevailing imbalance in power between the perpetrator and the victim, and actions which might place the victim outside the social community at the workplace.

A house strongly condemns all kinds of bullying and harassment and will not tolerate any such actions within our workplace. Our anti-discrimination work is built on UN’s declaration of human rights, the Swedish laws against discrimination and the regulations of the Swedish Work Environment Authority. Our workplace should be completely free from harassment due to gender, disabilities, sexual orientation, age, religion, ethnic descent or any kind of bullying – for exemple deliberately insult or exclude a colleague, to criticize or diminish someone in front of others as well as all kinds of persecution and defamation of someone as a person.

We therefore encourage all members to respect and accept each other and each other’s differences. The best work against harassment and bullying is made by us together so make it your most important issue to make sure no one is feeling left out. If you sense any kind of bullying – take action and show your support to those who feel exposed. If you experience that someone is violating this policy please help us by reporting this to your immediate supervisor. As being the workplace of many A house members we will in these situations take the issue as our highest priority. Thank you all for your collaboration.

Pic: Member Viktor Wrange 

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