A flea market

februari 7th 2020

A flea market encouraging A house members and friends to reuse, barter and buy second-hand! The market is part of A sustainable week at A house and will be held in A lobby. The theme this year is carbon awareness and buying second-hand is a perfect way to lower your carbon foot print. The lobby will be packed with members selling fashion! Welcome to a guilt free shopping experience.

Carbon footprint from a regular daily outfit: 

Jeans: 33.4kg CO2
Cotton T-shirt (made in China): 8,77kg CO2
Jacket (Polyester): 18kg CO2
Shoes (Trainers): 14kg CO2
Underwear: 1.9kg CO2

Total Carbon footprint for this outfit: 76kg CO2
Comparison example: Flight STHLM – New York:  316 kg CO2
(Source: Eciotricity)

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