A current Situation with Annika Jankell

Editor in chief & Producer

november 6th 2020

Annika, what is your perspective on the development in your industry? 

A: Creative people and minds can often adjust to unexpected situations. If you’re willing to accept the current situation you will survive by keep on trying to open new doors and see possibilities.

”Cut the crap – take care of important relations and nature”

I believe it’s dangerous to let the fear of the virus, the economy and the new situation take over. But of course very v e r y important to respect and avoid the virus. I’m working with influencer marketing. At the beginning of the pandemic, we lost a lot of customers, and I think most of our colleges also suffered from losing clients, etc. Today we can see a bright light at the end of the tunnel, by changing mindset and accepting the situation. 

Can you name an industry or specific company that you think have managed well to innovate and adjust fast in the current situation? 

A: Inner City Logistics, online pharmacys, digital business…etc

What good can come out of this? What mindset should we adopt?  

A: I think this have given people a second thought when it comes to the real deal – to cut the crap and take care of important relations and nature. To worship the moment and environment of where we are right now and  to realize the power of small things in life. 

In what way have you changed your working habits and is there anything in particular you would like to keep even when we get through this?

A: I work with influencing marketing in social media – so I’m in the digital business, but never before have I’ve had so many online meetings. It sure saves time and health, so I hope we’re going to continue using digital tools to save our precious time. I love seeing people IRL, but ZOOM and TEAMS have really saved us during this vulnerable time. 

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