A backstage is a large L-shaped room with a simplistic ambience, well equipped for every creative occasion – both private and public social functions. It features a bar and can be combined with A stage for larger events.


  • Capacity: 200 standing, 100 seated
  • Amenities: Bar, Loge
  • Ceiling: 3,4m
  • Area: 237m2
  • Loge: 29m2
  • Entrance: Uggelviksgatan 2A
  • Accessible entrance: Uggelviksgatan 2A
  • Deliveries: Rådmansgatan 12
  • Connected venues: A stage, A coustic

A backstage is ideal for

  • Open and closed company events
  • Parties, night clubs and dancing
  • Dinners, tastings and cooking events
  • Pop-up sales and product demonstrations

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