A current Situation with Hedda Spendrup

Founder of Omaka Beer

maj 20th 2020

What is your perspective on the development in your industry?

Despite all the tragedy and sad circumstances, I can see a new sort of creativity and a drive that I have not seen before. Many breweries push for medium strong beer or non-alcoholic beer, selling in new ways using other channels then what they usually use. Ultimately, I hope for a major progress when it comes to these kinds of beers.

”Non–alc beer & ”Folköl” will blossom” 

What good can come out of this? What mindset should we adopt? 

I sincerely believe and hope that we will bring forward all the love we can and generously share to other people right now. My own need to hug and talk to family and friends has never been greater than now. I also hope that we will protect our earth even more and pay attention to how little we actually need to travel.

What are your thoughts on launching a new brand in uncertain times?

It’s of course very scary to launch something right now. My hope is that people will be more willing to try new things and treat themselves more than they have been able to do in recent months. I myself want to focus even more on sustainability and local collaborations.

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