A current Situation with Fredrik Kempe

Co-founder Airinum

juni 10th 2020

What is your perspective on the development in your industry and what is your guess, how long will this last? 

In our industry, air masks, the demand has been larger than the supply.

”We are very humble to the situation”

For us, as for most other companies producing masks, this has caused a large pressure on the supply chain. Currently, we’re still struggling to ramp up the production to meet the demand but are of course very humble to the situation. It is very fortunate to run a business that has such a demand these days and on a personal level, we’re really longing to a normal Trädgården night out again! However, when things will go back to normal, that I leave to the real expert such as Tegnell and Fauci.

In what way have you changed your working habits and is there anything you would like to keep even when we get through this? 

Appreciate the people you work with and the ability to hang around A house more. Without people around when you work, work get a lot more boring.

Are there any shifts in consumer behaviors you think we will see as an effect of the crisis? In your case, you offered a product mainly for polluted air but now maybe the purpose might have slightly shifted, can you tell us more about it?

I think the product category, air masks, will be considered a lot like any other category going forward. It won’t be as hard anymore to educate buyers about the category or why they should carry our product in specific. Other than that, there will, of course, be other opportunities emerging with a living behavior that is changed. However, I think we’ll need to focus even more on our core, and grow this core faster rather than looking into new opportunities too much since many players will look into alternative opportunities theses days.

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