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september 10th 2020

As Works by Friends is entering a new market, we want to explore our new habitat and its artist and creative scene. For years, Stockholm has built its reputation as being a hub for innovative businesses, leading fashion brands and a forward-thinking music industry. But what does the city’s art scene really look like? In our Stockholm Art Guide three art lovers share their point of view on the Stockholm art scene and where they seek new inspiration in Stockholm.

Tua Asplund, CEO 
Tua Asplund is CEO of A house, a co-working office and cultural space located in an impressive brutalist building that houses innovative companies and startups in fashion, music, media, food and technology. Just like art, the building and atmosphere nurtures creativity and opens up for new ways of thinking and expressing. A house frequently organizes pop up art exhibitions, concerts, workshops and mediation sessions.

”Another recommendation and an instant love at first sight for me is Kummelholmen in Skärholmen”

How would you describe the art scene in Stockholm? How has it developed the past couple of years?
I’ve seen lots of innovative art coming from Stockholm lately, and wouldn’t be surprised if Swedish artists are at the forefront when it comes to the development of AI and art. When it comes to exploring art in the city, I love the big mural paintings that have started to pop up the last couple of years around Stockholm. I search for unexpectedness and art that provokes new ways of thinking.

Which are your favorite galleries in Stockholm and why?
I prefer galleries that do not look like the typical white box. CF Hill at Västra trädgårdsgatan located in a palace from the 1600s is a good example of this, as well as Loyal gallery located at Odengatan in the former Embassy of Brazil. Another recommendation and an instant love at first sight for me is Kummelholmen in Skärholmen. With traditional galleries are struggling I think we are going to see a shift towards exploring and exhibiting art in unconventional locations. I recently enjoyed watching art students host a pandemic-friendly art exhibit in an apartment in Mariatorget in Södermalm, and this fall we are hosting an art exhibit in our coworking space showing large photos from renowned 70s photographer Hans Hammarskiöld.

Slobodan Zivic, Artist and DJ
Slobodan Zivic is a Stockholm-based multidisciplinary creator whose works span between digital art, painting, photography, graffiti and graphic design. Slobodan is also a DJ and can be seen frequenting the parties and openings of Stockholm’s art scene. Rooted in cultural mechanisms, behavioural patterns, social trends his ambition is to create art that opens up different perspectives and create a basis for dialogue for its viewers and participants. With his creative courage and engagement he has played a key role in the ongoing transformation of Stockholm’s art scene.

How would you describe the art scene of Stockholm? How has it developed the past couple of years? 
In my opinion, in the past years, Stockholm’s art scene has been very exclusive with a heavy emphasis on traditional paintings and Sweden-born artists. The art community has been lacking the ability to invite non-Swedish perspectives and backgrounds to the table. It’s been a very white scene so to speak. However, I see a change brewing towards more inclusivity. Finally I see more women and people of color making room for themselves, paving the way towards a more forward-thinking art scene. This openness and shift also had an impact on how galleries curate art, how art schools teach, which formats are being displayed and how artists create and collaborate.

Which are your favorite galleries in Stockholm and why?
My personal favorite Stockholm are Nordenhake, Andréhn-Schiptjenko and LOYAL.

Miranda Lundberg, Founder of Works By Friends
Making art more accessible and help build a supportive art community is what drives Miranda Lundberg, founder of Works By Friends. After working in music and other creative fields in New York Miranda took the leap to create a business dedicated to her mission. With limited editions prints and curated events Works By Friends support artists and their practice, and help create new innovative ways to experience and buy art.

How would you describe the art scene of Stockholm? How has it developed the past couple of years? 
I just moved back to Stockholm after being away for 7 years, but a difference that I’m seeing that I don’t think was as prevalent before, are all the artist run shows popping up. Young artists in Stockholm today are more grass-root, they don’t rely on institutions or large galleries but rather do it themselves. An artist I’m working with, Nikki Fager organized a show in the height of Corona where artists showcased works in their apartment windows.  You’ve had to get creative during COVID, and I hope people will continue to think of alternative ways to showcase art when the pandemic is over. 

Which are your favorite galleries in Stockholm and why?
Like I mentioned above I think that usually the most interesting shows are often the one-off artist run shows. But in terms of more permanent spaces I think Tegel, Mint, and Andréhn-Schiptjenkoare great for emerging art. I’m also planning a pop-up show with my gallery WBF in Stockholm in October which will be exciting!

Written by Lydia Kellam for Works By Friends
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