Reflecting on a principle – with Jarenya Svartsjö

"Sharing problems, not just solutions""

april 19th 2023

Jarenya Svartsjö, Event Coordinator at Ark, on which one of the A house guiding principles she is particularly dedicated to.

– The principle of sharing problems, not just solutions, is centered around the idea that problems are often the catalyst for innovation and progress. Instead of simply focusing on the end result or solution, we prioritize the journey towards that solution by exploring the problems and obstacles that may arise along the way. At A house, we value the exchange of perspectives, curiosity, and research as a crucial tool to creativity.

This principle resonates with me not only in a professional sense but also on a personal level. I firmly believe in the adage, ”a problem shared is a problem halved.” Our principle acknowledges this as well – by sharing problems with others, we open ourselves up to new perspectives and potential solutions that we may have overlooked or never considered before. Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh perspective to take a project to the next level.

*At A house, we use seven guiding principles to ensure that we are guided in what we’re doing and why. In ”Reflecting on a principle”, the A house team and community members get to pick a favorite among the principles to dive into the diversity of interpretations, and ways in which they can guide us. 

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