Reflecting on a principle – with Hedvig Dolling

"Creation requires recreation"

juni 1st 2023

Hedvig Dolling, Community Host at Ark, on which one of the A house guiding principles she is particularly dedicated to.

– A house is an incredibly inspiring community that radiates creativity. From my perspective, it is also a place to rest, hang out and have a laugh by the coffee machine. You have to step inside the house to feel the vibe that explains why we’re not just a regular coworking space!

The ”Creation requires recreation” principle in its whole;
We believe that creation requires recreation. As people are our most powerful creative tool, we need to embrace their needs as human beings. All work and no play makes anyone a dull creative. That’s why resting, laughing and socializing are crucial creative tools as well. Because if you feel good, you’ll do good. But if you don’t work, nothing works. 

*At A house, we use seven guiding principles to ensure that we are guided in what we’re doing and why. In “Reflecting on a principle”, the A house team and community members get to pick a favorite among the principles to dive into the diversity of interpretations, and ways in which they can guide us. 

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