Mindful Creatives Day

A day full of self-development, co-creation and dopamines

maj 12th 2023

Mindful Creatives Day is an activity-filled program dedicated to nourishing the collective creative brain at A house Ark.

On May 4, we were blown away by WeMaker’s insights on how we have to surrender “the self” to prioritize the team over our egos, and how we need to train our soft skills in order to do so. A special thanks to Ark member Gretta Sindy who, through a Upotential mental fitness workout, taught us to explore the parts of our lives where we are not completely satisfied to take the first steps in creating new life goals for ourselves. Lastly, thank you to Yoga Dj Session’s Curt and Christian for the boost of our dopamines during their imaginative yoga session.

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