Meet Tua Asplund Hyllienmark

maj 1st 2017

COO / Partner at A house – Talk with me about A house development process and the overall experience at A house.

Favorite place at A house – A house acoustic, this brutalistic – no one can hear you scream – bunker, 50m2 with high seilings. Used for occasional art exhibitions and as a wow factor at any given party. The building in which we operate is a brutalist icon which means both responsibility and a great opportunity. I like places that provoke a feeling, weather it is positive or negative. Brutalism has been brutally criticized and our building is of course no exception.

Love about A house – Watching the community grow and thrive. People! People with different backgrounds and perspectives are often the key to create great things. My passion lies in the intersection of business, creativity and placemaking and A house is the perfect platform for that.

My perfect Stockholm sweet spots – Go for a run around Långholmen, visit skogskyrkogården, wine and food preferably at Folii, Woodstockholm, Agnes and a drink at Paradiso. It is also a great luxury that the Stockholm archipelago is so accessible.

My perfect, on the globe, spots – I prefer unexpected challenging places like deep into the heart of Peru or west Africa, or wine related areas for relaxation (wine tend to grow only in beautiful places) – favorites are north of Provence and northern Spain.
Foto: Viktor Wrange

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