Meet member Lydia Kellam

oktober 4th 2017

Hi Lydia, what is it that you do?  
With a passion for people, culture and society I help brands, agencies and organizations with social media marketing, digital strategy and content marketing. As a freelancer I wear many hats; but my favourite roles are content strategist, workshop leader and teacher. Since I started my business almost 2 years ago I’ve worked with agencies such as Futerra, Prime and House of Radon, and brands such as WWF, Hyper Island and Warner Music.

How did you end up doing this?
When I was living in New York 2007-2012 I was running The Swede Beat, an online magazine promoting Swedish culture, music and art. Back then it was a quite rare to have worked with social media and digital content so when I moved back to Stockholm and applied for jobs I naturally ended up working with it.  After studying strategic communication at Berghs I found the true strategist in me. I’m also really into digital culture, storytelling, consumer behaviour and trends so this world became a natural habitat to me.

What kind of problems do you find pleasure solving?
Disorganized or non-existing plans. I enjoy making plans and setting up roadmaps.

What inspired you lately?
A recent trip to Malmö where I attended The Conference. It introduced me to new perspectives on circular economy, identity and digital culture. I also met a bunch of cool and fun people. 

Who has a killer instagram account that you love?
@ByMariAndew and @alex_elle for providing inspiration and a thoughtful twist on life. @Headspace, @Saintheron and @Oatly for telling engaging brand stories, and sticking to them.

What keeps you up at night pounding?
Waste in all types of forms troubles me. Waste of food, clothes resources, products, space, skills, energy, fresh air. The lists unfortunately goes on… I should spend more of my waking hours finding solutions to these problems.

Any tips for falling asleep like a baby?
Cat videos on Instagram work like a charm.

Learn from Lydia!
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