A conversation with Tzocolate

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juni 21st 2021

Hi, A house member Lorielle. Tell us about your latest venture Tzocolaté!
We are Sweden’s first and only brand dedicated to Filipino fine flavor chocolates. We are on a mission to tell the complete Filipino chocolate story and invite you to discover its unique flavors and sustainable origins. We celebrate our heritage, salute the labor of our farmers and honor the skills of our craft makers. Not everybody knows that the Philippines grow cacao. Yet, our very own Filipino cacao, the basic raw ingredient for chocolates, has been recognized as one of the top 20 best beans in the world.

All our ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced. We work together with Filipino craft chocolate makers who advocate for sustainability and direct trade, working hand-in-hand with local farming communities, giving them the fairest possible price and livelihood. We believe chocolate should not only taste great but should also positively impact all those who help create it. From soil to bar.

Chocolate seems to have a special place in many hearts, why is that?
Chocolates have been with us for 2000+ years. Eating it gives us a feeling of comfort. The combination of its aroma and flavours brings us back to our fondest memories of childhood. We always have chocolates during special happy moments in our lives, we just can’t give that up, right?

Why is A house the place for you?
As a member, A house gives me the feeling of belongingness where I can truly be myself. Collaborating with like-minded, creative and driven individuals is never hard with fellow members. 


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