In conversation with Jenny Björk

februari 16th 2021

Hi there Jenny! You are the new House Director at A house, what do you dream big of this year? 

This year my focus is to be grateful for big and small things in life and make sure to support my inner peace. I also hope to bring more clarity into life. Put simply, to make every day great for me and others! 

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”
— Walt Disney

You have been around for 1 month; how do you feel about the A house community so far? 

This month has passed by so fast and It feels like I’ve been around much longer. Being a part of this vibrant community makes me happy every morning coming to work.

”offices will be hubs of innovation and social interaction”

Now I am longing for the house to be filled up with people, get our Tuesday lunches back, enjoy a Thursday breakfast with all our members, and finish the week with an” after work” and listening to some live music. 

In your opinion, what is it with A house that creatives are drawn to? 

I believe it is how we curate and create a destination, always in constant transformation to meet the needs of our niche companies to be able to grow in-house and cross-fertilize within our community.  

What is it that you love the most about the A house offer?

The interesting mix of creative companies in a house full of life where everything is possible. We can custom-make an offer for everyone! Our Bespoke offer (that grew out of shifting needs due to the pandemic) is a great way of working. A few days in a private office, a few days in the lobby and maybe a day or two at your home office – the flexible way of working! 

What do you think the future workplace will be like? 

The role of the office has changed. People aren’t going to go back to five days a week. I think offices will be hubs of innovation and social interaction. Remote work is here to stay, but once you are in the office it is important to provide an interesting, vibrant and functional space. People want to enjoy and share good things in life. I also think companies will continue striving to increase diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Who is your biggest inspiration in life?

My dad, he was a very inspiring entrepreneur with his crazy ideas and philosophy that ”everything is possible”

What can members ask you by the coffee machine that you love to talk about? 

Well, I am a real life-enjoyer, a foodie, a music lover, a traveller, everything that increases joy of life. If you want to practice your Spanish don’t be shy, come and have a small talk with me, I have lived in Spain for many years. 

Thank you Jenny and see you by the coffee machine! 

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