In Conversation with Färsking

februari 1st 2021

Hello there A house member Calle at Färsking, you are saying you are ”no junk, just funk”, tell us more about your product!

C: For us it’s about creating good products working just as much with the ingredients we choose as the ones we actively avoid. In the case of our 3 granolas, this means great taste & crunch without added sugar, additives or sweeteners!

Who is your biggest inspiration in life?

C: A great question! I look up to my parents a lot, they are incredibly hard working and I still learn a lot from them. Other than that, I look up to Mike Shinoda (artist) as a great inspiration for his creativity, communication and community building skills, and I’m also really inspired by Richard Branson’s visionary ways of starting up many different kinds of businesses.

”young people had been left out of the health trend”

What made you so passionate about getting youngsters to eat less junk?

C: It started out as a school project for me and my co-founder Amanda. We ourselves were only 17 back then, and felt like young people had been left out of the health trend that has been so huge for such a long time. We saw a severe lack of good products made specifically with them in mind, and decided to change that ourselves.

What can people ask you that you love to talk about?

C: Photography, music & e-sports. Can talk for hours about all three haha.

What’s the collaboration of your dreams?

C: That’s a big one. Our vision with Färsking is to empower and inspire more youth to impact society positively. So I guess it is both about the person and the context. But dreaming freely, launching some kind of concept together with a person like Billie Eilish would be amazing, I think she’s one of our generation’s biggest role models.

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